World’s Biggest Horns – Super Cow Lurch

The record for world”s biggest set of horns goes to a steer named lurch at a staggering 37.5 inches in circumference. That”s a super cow! Yes that”s more than 3 feet around breaking the previous record of 31 inches by over half a foot, landing lurch in the guinness book of world records. Lurch”s owner Janice Wolfe of Mountain Home, Ark called in two veterinarians as witnesses for the official measurement. The steer”s horns stretched 7 feet from tip to tip and each weighed about 100 pounds.On may 22nd of 2010, Lurch died at Rocky Ridge animal reguge, where he and his loving owner Janice made their home. Before he passed, Lurch”s horns measured over 38 inches in circumference and almost 8 feet from tip to tip, he still holds the official record.

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