The Most Luxurious Private Jets In The World, 10 World’s Luxurious Private Jets

Just decades ago, having the opportunity to fly in an airplane was an amazing privilege that people could share with their friends and family members forever. Usually, the only people who could go on flights on an almost weekly basis were celebrities, elected officials and the extremely wealthy. Back then, the air was simply not an available form of travel for the average person. But in the space of just a few years, that changed quickly. Following World War II, the business for airline jet travel grew, and today, traveling by jet is one of the most common ways to travel anywhere.

Millions of passengers take to the skies each year just to get from one place to the next, but when we think of air travel today, we think of packing into coach or second class with dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of other passengers on the same plane. Despite the evolution of air travel, the private jets still only belong to the rich and/or the famous.

Some private jets are very big, and others are small, but all are very luxurious and could pass as a home if they needed to. Overall, there are thousands of luxurious, private jets that have been built. The list that we will look at will single out the top ten more luxurious and pricey, privately owned jets that we know of; chances are, there are still some even fancier jets out there. In other words, the private jets that we will see on this list are the top ten most luxurious jets that their owners have allowed the world to see, and simply looking at them is a real treat. And don’t forget, there are other luxurious jets very similar to these ones up for sale, so start saving up your money!

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