Samsung Galaxy S7 Explodes In Rapper CeeLo Green’s Face!

Oh my god! CeeLo Green was just minding his own business, chilling in the recording studio, when his cellphone blew up in his face! It’s incredibly scary to see! Click through to watch the terrifying moment!Chills. CeeLo Green, 42, was working in a recording studio on December 17, when he got a truly unexpected – and unwanted – surprised. The rapper was casually taking a phone call in the booth, when his phone began smoking, and blew up in his face! The security footage from the recording studio shows the phone suddenly smoking, then a sudden, bright pop near his ear.The blast is so sudden that CeeLo is knocked out of his chair, arms flailing, as he falls to the ground. He’s down on the ground, face first, and doesn’t get up for what looks like a long time. It’s unclear how long he was laying there, as the security footage, obtained by MediaTakeOut, is fast-forwarded rapidly. Then, it just goes black! It’s haunting. What makes this even scarier is that there’s no word on what happened to CeeLo following the small explosion. The security camera footage doesn’t include the aftermath of the incident, unfortunately. We hope he’s doing well! You can’t tell from the footage what kind of phone CeeLo was using, but there have been several reports of exploding cells recently – both Apple and Android models. Just the day before CeeLo’s scary experience, it was reported that an Apple iPhone 6s exploded after charging. Battery issues with the iPhone 62 have been frequently reported, but not explosions! The unnamed iPhone owner told PhoneArena that they unplugged their charger from the wall outlet, and smoke began pouring out of the device. It then burst into flames! Samsung recalled their Galaxy Note 7 phone earlier in the year due to batteries overheating and catching fire, as well.

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