Police Search ‘Suspicious’ Semi Truck In Walmart Parking Lot, Find 500 Pounds Of Marijuana

“This is not the first time that’s happened, man. These guys are a bunch of idiots,” said a company rep.

Police discovered 500 pounds of marijuana in a semi truck that was parked in a Walmart parking lot, early Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred around 4 a.m.at the Walmart Supercenter in Fishers, Indiana.

According to FOX-59, local police were patrolling the area when they noticed suspicious activity around the vehicle. After speaking to two men at the truck, police became suspicious of their intentions and called in a drug-sniffing dog to investigate.

The search led to the discovery of 500 pounds of marijuana hidden among a shipment of coffee creamer.

After speaking to the men, police determined that only the driver, 25-year-old Isaac Roberto Aristiga Bojorquez from Mexico, knew about the illegal load. He was arrested and charged with possession with the intent to deliver illegal drugs – a felony.

His passenger was not arrested.

The semi trailer belonged to Desert Coastal Transport, a California trucking company. A manager at the company told reporters that it’s not the first time it’s happened to one of their loads.

“The last three times we’ve gotten calls like this, our guys are loaded with something, you know what I mean. It seems to be like a trend out here,” he said. “It’s happened to us twice already and you know it sucks because we do background checks and we do an extreme background check. This is just bull.

“ The company said the two men were independent contractors and not company employees.

An investigation is ongoing.

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