New Holland T7.270, T7.210 Blue Power & T6.175 – Rice Fields Leveling 2016

Leveling land in preparation for the cultivation of rice. Used three tractors New Holland T7.270, T7.210 and T6.175 Blue Power graders combined with laser-controlled, respectively: Fountain Rice (width 6 m), Mara (width 6 m) and Migliavacca (width 5 m). The engine mount tractors FPT Industrial – NEF 6-cylinder, 6728 cc. IIIB compliant with regulatory standards for pollutants dell”emissioni control, via ECO Blue SCR technology. The two T7 mounted front ballast of 1000 kg and tires Trelleborg TM800 710/70 R38 rear, front 600/65 R28. Pot. Max with EPM up to 269 c.v for T7.270, 212 C.V. for T7.210. T6.175: Front weights 540 kg, XM 28 Michelin tires 650/70 R34 rear, front 540/65 R26 XM 27. EN – Rice fields leveling using 3 New Holland tractors: T7.270. T7.210 and T6.175 Blue Power combined with laser controlled machines Levellers Fountain “RICE” (width 6 m), Mara (width 6 m) and Migliavacca (width 5 m).

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