Loaded Log Truck Crash!!

The trailer overturned because something with the suspension or chassis broke. This makes me wonder why the driver of the car making the video was filming in the first place. It seems too coincidental. If he saw something that was dangerous enough to take a video, why didn”t he warn the driver? All of a sudden a guy whips out his cell phone to take a video of a random logging truck driving down the road then after a prolonged time the truck rolls on a curve. Are we to assume the videographer was psychic, knowledgeable of the impending crash, or knew the crash was going to happen because he committed an act of commission or omission that predisposed the accident to occur. Even if he was filming just because the driver was speeding and knew a curve was coming up that he would fail to negotiate, he had a duty to blink his lights and beep his horn. Something is fishy.

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