FULLY LOADED Monster Truck Race ! Coga vs Vincent final 71.5 tonnes !

Two truckloads compete within a distance of 150 meters! Competitions between trucks have begun to take increasingly more among of heavy machinery lovers. Annual competitions are organized in various locations of the world where truck drivers can demonstrate their skills during several endurance tests. The rules that carries out are simple: trucks, are fully charged and will compete over a distance of between 150-200 meters. The first truck will cross the finish line will be declared the winner. The two truck from the picture are the finalists for the competition. One by one they managed to outsmart all opponents in the competition. The public is very attracted to this kind of competition and this is reflected by the presence in large numbers in this festival dedicated truck lovers. The final is won by the home burgundy that has managed to outdo his opponent in the last stage of this competition. Unfortunately appeared and contested the contest due to the large volume of exhaust gases that are produced by these powerful trucks. Environmental organizations say they will do their best to ban this kind of competition that is damaging the environment.

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