Best of Aviation – Airbus A380, Boeing 787 Landings and Departures.

We decided to sum up my best aviation clips of the first three month of this year. Especially the Airbus A380 of Emirates is a very welcome object for my aviation videos and the “Wildlife” special c/s is amazing. The wet runway was responsible for additional special effects. I made these clips at Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Frankfurt- Hahn, Cologne, Maastricht, Geilenkirchen, Eindhoven. Since January I am using a new tripod and a new objective because the stabilizer of my old Canon 100-400 didn” t work anymore. That” s why I am using a Canon 100-400 MkII now and I am pretty content with it. Once again, thanks for your support, thanks for watching my videos and I hope I can continue making these aviation videos in the future.

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