Belgian Draft kicking with hind legs due to mud fever- meeting farrier

Belgian Draft Kicking With Hind Legs Due To Mud Fever- Meeting Farrier! Shoeing is primarily aimed at keeping the feet in good condition and working horses to protect them from certain diseases that may occur from shock or vibrations that occur when the animal goes, especially on gravel roads and rough. Through a right shoeing can heal blemishes and even hoof diseases. Their execution requires the formation of skilled craftsmen. It is known that most of the way and thus şchiopataturilor to their inability to use more or less as derived from their nepotcovirea neingrijirea and time. By some blacksmiths shoeing animals without training podotehnica challenge can lead to some diseases for some time out of service animal. Animal shoeing forge is made – farriery which must have at least one room and a shed forged. Today modern farrier with more trained, knows exactly what kind of horseshoe fits each horse. It can also correct defects or blunting, and the more experienced can even prevent surgical operations.

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