Australia Golf Course Mows Extreme Slopes with Ventrac

golf Stuart Hall of Asquith Golf Club in Sydney Australia relies on Ventrac to help maintain his course. Stuart sought out Ventrac to help maintain difficult slopes on his course. Previously, Stuart would employee laborers equipped with “whipper snippers” (Australian for string trimmers) to cut the difficult areas. With the addition of a Ventrac in his fleet, Stuart was able to eliminate the time-consuming string trimming, and mow all these areas with a Ventrac quickly, and with the safety he needed. Stuarts employees love the Ventrac”s eight wheels to stay on the slopes, and for their ability to distribute the tractors weight and have a light footprint on the course. Another big advantage of the Ventrac equipment for Stuart is the Ventrac”s ability to perform multiple tasks. Stuart has made Ventrac an integral piece of his golf course equipment fleet by adding versatility to the tractor with multiple front mounted attachments. His Ventrac allows him to use inexpensive attachments such as stump grinder, brush cutters, trenchers and sod cutters. This allows Stuart to eliminate some dedicated pieces, saving on both maintenance costs, and overall equipment costs.

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