A truck overturned on the A20.

Moldovan driver 45 years his truck overturned on the A20 near the town of Lamagdelaine in the Lot. The road lost control of his truck because of excessive drunkenness speed on a wet road. After zigzagging around 200 meters and crossed the barrier of the median, the truck and trailer had rolled across the highway, blocking three lanes of 4 for two hours. Fortunately, this spectacular accident caused no casualties. The driver was driving with a rate of 2.14 grams of alcohol in the blood. An investigation has also revealed that he had breached his rest and that the truck was in very poor condition. The criminal court of Cahors sentenced the defendant to 12 months in jail, 6 suspended, and a withdrawal of license for a period of 12 months with compulsory treatment.

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