8 wheeled slurry monster! – Case IH Steiger 400 injecting slurry..

This unique outfit belongs to Dutch contractor H. van Oosten from Meeden and is capable of a very high capacity. The eight wheels give a very large footprint so it can travel across any terrain without making deep tracks. You wouldn”t say that when you see its dimensions. On the front is a Schouten hose reel and build in buffer tank. On the headland the pump can keep the slurry flowing so it doesn”t have to be shut down. This makes for a much smoother operation. On the back is an Evers Oldenburger XL injector. The tractor is fitted with a home made so called “swing pipe” which is commonly use in the US for this kind of tractors. The pump itself sits next to the slurry storage pit so has plenty of pig slurry available! It is fully radio controlled from the drivers cab which can control all the functions.

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