5 Tractors Ploughing – Turning on the Headland

A short video to show how we turn 5 ploughs on the headland when they are working together. It is an awesome sight that needs to be seen to appreciate. At the front of the pack, we have our Fendt 939 pulling our Kverneland RW 10 furrow wagon plough. Following that is our other Fendt 939 pulling the brand new Kverneland RN 100 9 furrow plough. Third in the line is our Fendt 828 pulling our Kverneland LO 7 furrow plough. Following him is our other Fendt 828 pulling a 6 furrow LO series Kverneland plough. Last in the line is Sledmere Estate’s Fendt 724 pulling their 6 furrow slatted LO series Kverneland plough. All together, we had a total of 1,580 horsepower and 38 furrows!

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